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Non Basmati Rice
Non Basmati Rice is used to prepare different dishes such as pulav, biryani and many other. It has longer shelf life, accurate composition, smooth texture and it is very easy to prepare.
Basmati Rice
Basmati Rice is known for its long grain size and easy digestion. It is formulated without using toxic elements or adulterants. It is highly consumed by the people on a daily basis due to its nutritional properties.
Organic Kitchen Spices
Our offered Organic Kitchen Spices are used in cooking different kinds of dishes for enhancing the taste, color and aroma. These are also beneficial for the health because of their ant-inflammatory qualities and more.
Electrical Home Appliances
Electrical Home Appliances include sandwich toaster which is best suitable for preparing delicious sandwiches whenever you want as this device is easy to use as well as maintain and consumes less power.
Yellow Raisins
Yellow Raisins are very nutritious and healthy for the body. These are used as a topping on diverse desserts due to its sweet taste. They are enriched with anti-oxidants which is good for maintaining a toxic free body.
Electrical Fans
Electrical Fans are highly acclaimed by the customers for cooling purpose. These are also helpful in ventilating the bad air presented in the room and making the environment more fresh and odor free.
Water Geyser
Water Geyser is extensively used in various places such as homes, hotels, resorts etc. for heating the water in a hassle free manner. It provides longer service life, high strength, corrosion resistance, easy installation and reliability.
Food Processors
Food Processors finely chops the vegetables, grinds the spices into a fine texture and emulsify the eggs perfectly. It consumes less energy and provides smooth functioning, high performance efficiency, reliability and more.